Large Scale Projects

Perth City Heritage Fund has been able to offer grant to quite large historic buildings in multiple ownership in Perth.  The availability of grant has been key in getting owners together to carry out sometimes quite extensive common repairs to their buildings in prominent city streets.  Some examples are below.

1-3 George Street, Perth

The PCHF has supported with a grant the 1-3 George Street Owners’ Association in their restoration of an elegant Georgian tenement built in about 1780. Conservation work included removing the failing cement render and repairing the historic masonry with lime mortar; and repairs to the roof, chimney and cast iron gutters and downpipes.

  • Project architects: Arc
  • Main contractor: One Call Ltd

One of the biggest changes to the appearance of the building has been to put back the brightly painted sash and case windows to their original pattern and colour scheme, including all the false windows which were discovered when the render was removed. These windows were not blocked to reduce the amount of window tax payable but were part of the original design of the building to give a regular rhythm to the frontages.

Cunningham-Graham Close (13-17 High Street)

One of the very few survivors of the High Street that pre-dates the Georgian new town remodelling of the city centre, this building was suffering from serious structural problems. It consists of seven residential units and two commercial units, on of which was unlettable because of years of damp problems. Grant was offered towards the cost of repairing the roof, lum and windows; replacing the spalling cement render with a lime harl; and internal structural repair work.

  • Project architects: Arc
  • Main contractor: AGB Small Contracts Ltd

Doorway to Cunningham-Graham Close in the mid 19th century (left) and in July 2015 (right). This will be conserved as part of PCHF Phase 2 public realm improvements – the passage gives access to several tenements.