Search Our Historic Environment Record

The HER for Perth and Kinross can be explored by clicking, dragging and scrolling your way through the map-based database on this page.

Please note that sometimes our HER map does not view properly depending on what web browsers, operating system or firewall is being used. If you are having difficulties or receive an error message then our HER data can also be viewed on PastMap.

If you have a specific enquiry and wish to search by keyword, site classification or grid coordinate then please visit the Canmore online catalogue of archaeology, buildings, industrial and maritime heritage. Canmore is managed by Historic Environment Scotland and contains more than 320,000 records and 1.3 million catalogue entries covering the whole of Scotland.

To display HER records:

Click on the Layers tab above the top right hand corner of the map
Expand ‘Planning and building’
Select one or more layers to display

‘Archaeology – all sites’ displays a point for each HER record
‘Archaeology – linear sites’ displays linear records e.g. historic roads
‘Archaeology – site boundaries’ displays extents of sites